Foundation Empress was founded 2003, by Donor Eve 22nd November at Stockholm of Temple of Saint Sava. This Temple is the largest Serbian Orthodox temple , the largest Orthodox church in the Balkans and one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world. It is located in the eastern part of the St. Sava Square , in the municipality of Centar in Belgrade . It was built in a place that is considered to be Sinan Pasha in 1595 . burned the relics of Saint Sava, founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church . Construction was funded by voluntary contributions and by collecting money through charity stamps. Near the temple is a parish house, and there will also be a planned building of the Patriarchate. This monumental temple represents an organic part of modern vivid image of Belgrade, being one of its main features.

This Eve was initiated by prof. Radovan Bigovic, and organized by Bishop Dositej and Foundation Empress.

Since that time Foundation continued with programs dedicated to charity work.


About: St. Helen was the mother of St. Constantine the Great, and was born at Drepanum (Helenopolis) in Asia Minor to parents of humble means. She married Constantius Chlorus, and their son Constantine was born in 274. Constantius Chlorus divorced her in 294 in order to further his political ambitions by marrying a woman of noble rank Theodora Maximins douther. After he became emperor, Constantine showed his mother great honor and respect, granting her the imperial title “Augusta.” Her efforts in finding the Life-Creating Cross, Empress Helen became the Equal of the Apostles togehter with her son Constantine The Great. She influented her sons decision regarding Christianity as the equal religion in Roman empire, year 313 written in ‘Milano’s Edikt’.

Foundation’s aims are inspired by Empress Helena work and life: Dedication, Devotion, Compassion and Truth. /Stiftelsens mål är engagemang, fromhet, barmhärtighet och sanningsenlighet./