GUEST Srdjan Aleksic, Program 20 years after NATO bombing, 24 March 2019 ABF Stockholm

Formal education:

1989-1993      University of Nis, Law school                   

1995               Passed the bar

2008               Postgraduate studies – criminal law

2013               Masters in legal sciences

2016               Doctorate in legal sciences

Informal education:

1994                Foreign languages: english – medium level, russian – medium level,

                                                        greek – proficient

2000 IT, Office package, finished mediator course, on mediators list with serbian ministry of justice

Work experiance  :

1993-1995    Place of work: – Pavlovic law office

                     Position: Law clerk

1995-            Place of work: – Aleksic law office

                     Position: Attorney at law

                     Proffesor at “Union” law school

                     Member of Serbian Academy of Science of Arts 

Extracuricular activities:

1993              Painter, several exibitions both in Serbia and abroad.
2001              Crtificate for foreign investments in economy                                  

2010              Certificate for mediation

2011              Pilote licence

Personal attributes:

Hardworking, persistent, a natural leader, great negotiational and organisational skills, ambitious and flexible

Proffesional career so far:

during my career I have represented several thousand clients such as:

-workers of „Jastrebac“, „Gradjevinar“, „Masinska industrija Nis“, „Elektronska industrija Nis“ and many others both with domestic courts and in Strasbourg

-several thosand tobacco manufacturers in front of serbian courts versus tobacco manufacturers – Phillip Morris international and others

I am a legal representative of nearly all associations of  veterans (around 80.000 people)

Legal representative of around 3000 workers of Serbian Railroads

Legal representative of around 100 police officers from Nis, Prokuplje and Kursumlija.

 Aleksic Law office includes, besides Srdjan Aleksic and Jelena Aleksic, a number of young attorneys, associates and law clerks, a total of 30 persons, all willing and able to give legal advice and other forms of legal assistance at moments notice